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May 13, 2013
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"I-Ivan.... I... I love you too..." you said.

"That's all I needed to hear" he said. He turned you around and smashed his lips against yours.

You kissed back, your face redder than ever.

As you both broke apart for air, panting a little, he said, "You will become one with me, Da?"

Your face turned redder, if possible and you said, "Da."

He scooped you up in his arms and carried you to his bedroom.


He laid you on his bed and started kissing you passionately.

He licked the bottom of your lip, asking for entrance. Of course you gave it to him. So you opened your mouth slightly.

He pushed his tongue in and explored his new conquered territory. You both moaned in delight.

Just as you both broke apart for air, he looked at your shirt and growled slightly. He tore it off and he tore your bra off as well.

You squeaked as the cold air hit you and hardened your nipples. As an instinct, you covered them with your arms.

"Now now. There is no need to cover such a wonderful body." he said as he smiled. This made you blush and he pulled your arms away.

He wasted no time and started kneading one of your breasts. You moaned slightly,

He wasn't gonna leave the other one unattended so he grabbed it and put it in his mouth.

He swirled his tongue gently around your hardened nipples and sucked hard at them. This made you moan  loudly. Your panties getting wetter by the second.

He continued for a while then he moved up to your neck and kissed you everywhere. When he got to this one spot, you moaned slightly. He stopped there.

"Looks like I have found [y/n]'s weak spot, da?" he said with a sadistic grin. Then he bit and sucked hard at the spot he fund. You moaned and tore at his jacket.

"N-no fair.. you still have some of your clothes on." you whined.

"Da. I guess I do. *he said. He gently took off his scarf and tore off his jacked.

You jaw dropped at how muscular his figure was. He chuckled at your reaction and asked, "You like what you see, da?" This made you blushed and you could only nod.

You decided to take a risk and you started to unbuckle his pants. He helped you teat them off.

You then saw the bulge in his pants. You started reaching for his boxers but he stopped you and said, "Not yet my sunflower. We will wait until the time is right."

He tore off your pants and saw your wet panties. He smiled at how excited he was getting you. He bit the edge of your laced panties and slowly pulled them down and took them off.

He moved up to your neck again and licked all the way down to your private areas.

He then started licking the outside of your folds. You moaned and said, "I-Ivan stop teasing me!" You moaned more.

He slipped his tongue inside you and pulled it in and out and continued that pattern. You moaned more and bucked your hips towards his mouth.
"Ah~! I'm gonna- Ahh~" you moaned out.

He took his tongue out  and said "Not just yet, my sunflower."

He stuck on digit inside of you. The another. Then a third. You arched your back and  moaned as he began thrusting it  in and out. He took his fingers out after a while and licked the love juices off his fingers. He smiled enjoying and savoring the taste with every finger.

He reached down to his boxers and pulled them down slowly. His member was throbbing with anticipation.

You gaped in awe and though How is that supposed to fit inside of me!?

As if he knew what you where thinking, he chuckled and said, "Do not worry, da? It will work. But not yet." he smirked.

You frowned. You didn't like to be tempted at all.

He grabbed a hold of your head and puled you toward his crotch. "Suck." he demanded.

You took a hold of his member and decided to tease him. You slowly licked around his tip.

He moaned and said, "Stop tempting me!" "Its payback." you said and smirked.

He glared at you. "Alright alright. Calm down." you said. You took a hold of his complete member and sucked on it. You could already start to taste the pre-cum.

He moaned loudly. You were surprised such a loud moan could be heard from him. He moaned louder as you continues sucking and licking.

Finally, he released his warm seed inside your mouth. You tried not to gag so you swallowed it.

He smiled and kissed you licking away some of the cum that dripped from your lips.

He laid you on your back and spread your legs apart ad he had his member at your entrance.

"H-hey Ivan?" you said. "Yes sunflower?" he responded.

"I'm a virgin." you said. "So am I." he said as he blushed and smiled slightly

Then, he entered.

You almost screamed at the unbearable pain. Hot tears ran down your face. He kissed them away and said, "It will feel better, sunflower. Soon." he said.

He didn't move at all and let you adjust to his size. "M-move." you said after a few minuets of pain.

He slowly thrust in an out. You moaned in pleasure. "Nrg... [y/n]! Your so tight! Ah~" he moaned out.

"Harder!" you begged him as you moaned more.

"Say my name, sunflower!" he said.

"Ivan, harder!" you said.

"Louder!" he demanded. "Or I will not continue!"


He smirked and thrust inside of you hard. You moaned and screamed a little in delight and pleasure.

This almost seemed un-realistic. Every thrust felt amazing. You moaned even louder and clawed at his back.

He helped you wrap your legs around his waist so he could go deeper.
"Ahhh~! Ivan im gonna- Ahh~! Oh my god! Ahh~" you moaned out.

"S-so am I sunflower~ Ahh~ So tight!" he said giving a couple more thrusts into you.

You both released at the same time, and just before you both reached your climax, his warm seed spilled inside of you.

He pulled out of you and laid down beside you. Your juices coming out onto the bed.

He hugged you and kissed your temple. "Я люблю тебя, мой подсолнечника." he said. "I love you too, Ivan." you replied.

Then you heard a scratching on the door and it sounded like nails on chalk board.
"Brotheer~ Who is in there with you!" Natalia yelled.

Oh sh*t. you both thought.
What did i just write... :iconscaredplz: Well... This is my first lemon so please dont hate me if i did a bad job! Please Comment! And down there is part 1!

Part 1:…
Part2: The awesome you is here!!! :D
Part4: coming soon!!! :3
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England (Wonders) [V5] : YES! FINALLY! *flying rainbow pony of magicalness appears infront of me and a now dressed Russia*
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